We walk our talk

At Friare Liv, we not only teach about Nonviolent Communication. We actively seek ways to live according to NVC.

In this way, we always see how more needs can be satisfied in ourselves, with those we meet and people in the community. For instance, we're working with need-based economy and organic growth - without interest.



Need-based ECONOMICS

Since 2005 we have offered a moving scale for the charge for both courses and long programs.The idea is to meet to more needs of more people. This means that more people have access to knowledge, and that those who want, easy have the opportunity to help people who have fewer resources.

The moving scale has helped us to be aware of our needs, and the preconceptions we have about money and people. We're also able to practice actively creating a dialogue which contributes to our own learning.

GREEN CAR developmentS

Friare Liv was with and supported the first serial production of ethanol cars in Sweden by ordering a Ford Focus Flexifuel when they first offered in 2001 to the Swedish market.

We don't believe that ethanol cars are the solution to the environmental problems facing the world today. At the same time, we see how the development of more solutions has taken off just after the ethanol cars quickly gained distribution in Sweden. It shows the consumers power.


When we built a new office and book warehouse we used JAK bank's interest-free loans, so we have been able to repay the loans within six years and currently we have no loans or interest payments.

All publishing of books is done with money we have, we are growing, organically. Another advantage of having your money on JAK bank is that even when money is deposited, we still have the power of them. This means that our money can't be borrowed by the military industry. If we had our money on another Swedish bank, they could be borrowed by companies that produce products or services that are not in line with what we value.

If our society wasn't interest-driven the prices would be between 30% -80% cheaper. So much do the interest affects our daily life in the economic system we have today. Did you know that?

We're trying to be a part of a healthy economy by not charging interest, and not pay interest. However, there are things that we don't have power over and it is for example that our suppliers may have loans that they pay interest on and, by extension, they need to ask for more money from their customers (us) to pay their interest. Of course, the same applies for the locales and equipment that our suppliers are using.

We try to choose suppliers who don't sit in the "interest trap." It contributes both to safety and cheaper prices for us and our customers.

In the area of ​​interest, there is much left to do. Perhaps this text brought thoughts to you?


Our website is optimized for people with low vision. In the right corner, you can customize the size of the text. The site is also adapted to work with blind readers. We are pleased that our supplier of IT services, People and Technologies, pays attention to these opportunities. This means that our website is accessible to more people.



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