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At Friare Liv (a life more free) we are working with Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Giraffe language.
We teach different applications of NVC, mediate
and run a publishing house.

Liv och kay

Currently, we are two people working at Friare Liv AB. For some assignments and projects we also cooperate with our network.

Friare Liv Consulting was founded in 1992 by Liv Larsson. By 1999, we worked mainly with individual, group, and leadership development, including the so-called UGL courses, based on a variety of theories and methods.

From 1999 onwards, we have increasingly focused on teaching and learning Nonviolent Communication. We offer open trainings and year long programs and work within companies and organisations. For us, NVC is the most effective approach individuals and groups may have to live a life of choicefulness.

2002 we also started a publishing house for books on Nonviolent Communication. It started with no publishing house, within a reasonable time, couldn't publish Marshall Rosenberg's book Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life, in Swedish. At the same time our students wanted to read in Swedish ... We then published Rosenberg's book ourself, and today we have published more than 24 books about NVC, many of them written by Liv Larsson.

Our books are also published in English, German, Polish, Estonian, Finnish, Dutch and Thai.

We intend to continue writing and publishing NVC literature. You can find our books here.

Since 2011, we are called Friare Liv AB.


Apart from offering open groups we have also served many organisations during our almost 25 years as a business. Below are some references:

International references - customers and cooperations.


National Mediation conference (Australia)

Forum Demokratie dusseldorf (Tyskland)

Trialogis (Austria)

Inter-religious Network for Peace (Thailand)

Mahidol University Research Center for Peace (Thailand)

Peace and Culture Foundation i Bangkok, (Thailand)

Nonviolent Peaceforce (Sri Lanka)

Peace ministery Wiena (Austria)

European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU) (Austria)

SANDHI org (USA & Sri-Lanka)

Savanna Connections (Finland)

Intelligentne Ettevõtte Grupp OÜ (Estonia)

Dojrzewalnia.pl/ (Poland)

FISO – (Poland)

Hellenistic focusing centre (Greece)

NVC india (India)

NVC - Japan (Japan)


LivCom (Denmark)

Norwegian Red Cross (Norway)



Nationella customers: (Sweden)

Folke Bernadotte akademin www.folkebernadotteacademy.se

Stiftelsen Friends

Svenska FN-förbundet

Röda korset

LTU, Luleå Tekniska Universitet

Handelshögskolan, Stockholm

Umeå Universitet

Göteborgs Universitet

Framnäs Folkhögskola

Tollare Folkhögskola

Sundsvalls Sjukhus

Landstinget i Västernorrland

Escapad Teamutveckling

Tidningen Chef

Processkonsulter AB

Piteå kommun, Fastighetskontoret

Nolia mäss och kongress


Lärare för fred

Fred i våra händer

Svenska freds och skiljedomsföreningen


Teknikinformation i Krokom

RIF Riksföreningen för Fältarbete

Mjölkuddens Vårdcentral


Familjerättssocionomernas Riksförening

Setra trävaror AB


Sundsgårdens Folkhögskola


Örnsköldsviks kommun

Bodens kommun

Älvsbyns kommun

Luleå kommun

Forum för konstruktiv konflikthantering


Svenska Samiska Riksföreningen (SSR)

Sunderbyns folkhögskola

Piteå kommun (FRIDA)


Vägen ut kooperativen

Svenska skydds


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