Kay Rung

Kay Rung

Kay Rung is an empathy teacher, mediator and book publisher.

He has worked as a consultant and trainer in Sweden and internationally since 1998. He runs the company FRIARE LIV together with Liv Larsson.

Kay has worked with communication coaching and mediation with Nonviolent Communication (the giraffe language) as a starting point since 2001.

He specializes in assisting the parties in conflict to find their way back to a contact whoenable collaboration. Together with the Liv, he has developed an educational model to teach mediation. The model is described in Liv Larsson's book Creating meetings and contact through mediation, and is used in the courses Friare Liv organizes.

Kay also offers school, organization and workplace communication training and is responsible for Friare Liv's longer education programs.

Kay is among other things, educated by Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC. He wants to contribute with the tools to create contact between people and he gets inspiration from Gandhi Hafiz, and of course Marshall Rosenberg's work.


We have to be the change we want to see in this world!

Contact Kay Rung:
+46 911 241144
+4670 39 339 71

What people say about kay:

To make it short – he is for me one of the four trainers in whole nvc trainers community I most admire and respect for all those qualities he has!

Merike Kahju (Estonia)

I experience Kay as being a man of deep integrity, able to be honest about his feelings and emotions, confusions. Being with him certainly meets my need for connection, openness, friendliness, honesty and integrity. He is, I find, very skilled at being able to say “Bullshit” to people and stay in open and exploratory dialogue.

Jayaraja (UK)

I really enjoyed his presence, his patience, his humour (Swedish style), his examples, his experience. I could feel coherence in what he said, and he teaches according to what he is.

Participant from mediation training in Auroville, India

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