IIT Hawaii "Mediation focus"

Från November 10, 2017 00:00 till November 19, 2017 11:28
Kategorier: Training
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Program:Please join us for this great opportunity to learn about NVC-based mediation, conflict resolution and reconciliation from 5 different CNVC-certified trainers.

This event is a 9-day residential training where you will enjoy opportunities to both build your conflict transformation skills and to connect with your intentions behind wanting to be part of supporting others in resolving conflicts.

The training will include experience of and skills around different themes that are part of mediation and reconciliation:

  • Empathy (skills, intention, timing, warmth etc)Honesty (how to support honesty in others as well as in ourselves as mediators)
  • Self-connection (how to remain present in the midst of conflict and recover from your own reactivity
  • Creating trust and safety (how to interrupt with care, creating a safe container for facilitating formal and informal restorative processes including mediation, how to make agreements that will actually be lived, structures as a support for connection)
  • Self-care (how to care for mental, emotional, physical, economical health, tools and practises that will help younavigate supporting others in conflict in restoring connection)
  • Tracking the needs and pain of those in conflict
  • Conflict transformation as a part of a larger setting
  • Conflict transformation between individuals as well as groups
  • Supporting others in formal and informal reconciliation processes
  • Working with inner conflict
  • Shame in mediation and other third party restorative processes
  • Shuttle mediation and dealing with violence and threats
  • Skills, clarity (key differentiations etc) and intention of mediation and reconciliationRestorative circles
  • Restorative dialogs


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