Embracing Guilt and Shame Reclaiming Power and Choice

Från September 01, 2017 00:00 till September 03, 2017 12:37
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Embracing Guilt and Shame

Reclaiming Power and Choice

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What is it about?

Our society and culture in uences our feelings of shame and guilt. Many of us use unnecessary energy to get rid of shame instead of getting to the core of it in a way that will transform it. Access your vulnerability, sensitivity and empathy around these feelings without giving up on your sense of power or choice.

In this training you have the chance to explore the core of shame. You will discover how it makes communi- cation a challenge and how you can turn that around. Find out how to use shame and guilt to support your connection with others and ourselves instead. You will work with concrete examples of where shame and guilt affect your life in unwanted ways.

Reclaim your power and choice!

What will you learn?

 To use the Compass of Needs in order to understand when you are wasting energy in avoiding shame and how to instead return to needs again.

 Hands – on strategies on how you as an individual can transform shame, guilt and anger into feelings that are more directly connected to life.

 Ideas of how to connect with others when they are avoiding shame by attacking us, using self blame, anger, withdrawing or rebelling.

Who the training is for?

This training is for everyone wanting to understand guilt and shame – yours and/or others – at a deeper level.

 People who are tired of having their life being in uenced or ruled by guilt and shame. People who are longing for a sense of power and choice in their life looking for a way to really live in empathy – from your heart and not from any method or tool.

 Knowledge of NVC is helpful but not needed

 The workshop will be with German translation.

A great preparation for the training is to read Liv's book «Anger, Guilt and Shame – Reclaiming Power and Choice». Especially chapter 4–5.


Liv Larsson

is a mediator and for more than two decades certi ed Trainer for NVC with CNVC. She lives in Sweden, leads trainings all over the world and is the author of 18 books on communication both for adults and child- ren. They have been translated into many different languages. Her current focus is on communication, con ict management and particularly on mediation. Liv is the mother of Neo (12) and loves to be in the nature, exercising, doing yoga, writing and enjoying life.


September 1st 2017 (evening only)

September 1st – 3rd 2017 (Friday evening and Sat/Sun 21⁄4 workshopdays)

Where will the training take place?

Ref. Kirchgemeindehaus, Untere Heslibachstrasse 3, CH-8700 Küsnach/ZH

What is my investment?

Very Early Bird: 530 CHF ( rst 10 enrollments) Early Bird: 590 CHF (next 10 enrollments) Regular price: 680 CHF
The price includes tuition, food and beverages

Registration by mail, fax or online

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