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General information about the IIT.

Specific information about content, trainers, prices and registration will come..


Robert Gonzales

Robert Robert Gonzales received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1989 and was a practicing therapist for many years, offering individual and couples counseling. He met Marshall Rosenberg in 1985 and began teaching Nonviolent Communication in 1986.

Robert’s teaching has evolved as an integration of embodied spirituality and Nonviolent Communication. His trainings offer ways to cultivate daily practices for living life fully, grounded in compassion for one’s self and others.

Robert has contributed to the work of the Center for Nonviolent Communication as a Certified Trainer, serving as a Certification Assessor, and as former President of the Board of Directors. He continues to serve as a lead trainer for International Intensive Trainings (IITs). He was one of the co-founders of the NVC Training Institute. In the year 2000, he established the Prescott Center for Nonviolent Communication. In June 2010, he relocated to Portland, Oregon and re-formed the organization as the Center for Living Compassion, a nonprofit organization through which he shares his work. As the director of the Center for Living Compassion, he conducts seminars and retreats nationally and internationally.

"All my life, I have yearned for practical ways to integrate the depth and richness of spirituality with the realities of daily life and relationships. As a psychotherapist and teacher, I worked to develop and offer effective pathways to the most enriching and authentic experiences of life.”


Liv Larsson

Liv Larsson Liv Larsson is a Certified Trainer with CNVC since 2002. She has worked as a coach and workshop leader since 1992 in leadership, conflict resolution etc. Liv has written 18 books on the theme of NVC translated to different languages.The titles include Anger Guilt and Shame - Reclaiming Power and Choice, A Helping Hand- Mediation with Nonviolent Communication and Cracking the NVC Code.

One of her contracts as a mediator is for Swedish FSC - Forest Stewardess Council - mediating between the indigenous group of Sweden - the Same - and the biggest forest companies in Sweden as well as the biggest mining company in Sweden.

Liv lives in the north of Sweden and works in Europe as well as the rest of the world. Her passion is cross-country skiing, hiking, yoga, nature, her son, writing and connecting with people.


robertRobert Krzisnik

From early teenage years I have been inquiring into the questions of meaning of life, the nature of existence and the ways of meeting each other in our innocence, at the heart level. The journey led me through studying Psychology, working as a psychotherapist for 12 years, and working as a trainer, facilitator for over 30 years, covering areas from spiritual retreats to business trainings.

Within the context of Nonviolent Communication I am most passionate about its spiritual and embodied dimensions and about conflict mediation. Besides NVC, most important explorations on my journey have so far been Soto Zen, Art of Hosting, Bohmian Dialogue, Contact Improvisation...

I am a certified trainer with CNVC, have been regularly serving as a trainer on 9-day International Intensive Trainings and 9-day European Intensive Courses, and have shared NVC in 25 countries in Europe, Mideast, Asia, USA, Australia…

My permanent address is in Slovenia, a small country in Europe which used to be a part of a country that does not exist anymore, but still resides in my heart as the place where I grew up — Yugoslavia. I have given two TEDx talks, connected with Nonviolent Communication, one in 2012 on Global Citizenship, and the other in 2013 on Personal Growth. My website: www.thatfield.eu



***Attendance at an IIT is a request of those who wish to become CNVC certified trainers, and it is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to share NVC, whether you want to be certified or not. more info here


International Intensive Training

An IIT is a 9-day, Nonviolent Communication, "immersion experience" residential workshop typically including 40 to 70 participants with 3 to 5 CNVC Certified Trainers. All the participants and trainers live together in community during the training. You learn, eat, play and live with people who want to connect compassionately with others for nine days. An IIT training offers an opportunity to live Nonviolent Communication with a community over an extended period of time with the intention to develop Nonviolent Communication skills and consciousness. For frequently asked question visit our IIT FAQ page.

IITs have been held all over the world: Sri Lanka, Canada, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, the United States of America, Hungary, and Argentina, to name some countries.

Preparation for an IIT

Before attending an IIT, we recommend you have at least a basic introduction to NVC and have read Marshall’s book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. If it is difficult for you to find access to NVC training, in addition to reading the book, we suggest you listen to the Nonviolent Communication Training Course Kit. These materials and others are available from CNVC Bookstore.

What is an IIT?

A residential workshopAn experiential workshop for developing fluency in Nonviolent CommunicationAn opportunity to learn and practice Nonviolent Communication with CNVC certified trainersA safe environment for personal growthA time to make deep connectionsA group of people from different cultures working together toward transformed relationships and social systems

What will it be like?

Unpredictable, informal, challenging and supportive.

How will I learn?

By listening to presentations about various aspects of Nonviolent CommunicationBy participating in small groups and through informal practice with other participants during meals, walks, etc.By remembering the purpose of Nonviolent CommunicationBy contributing to other participants and receiving their contributions

What does an IIT cost and what do the fees include?

IIT costs consist of Tuition plus Accommodations (room and board and facility usage fee). These costs are listed on the specific page for each IIT. Accommodation charges vary from one facility to another, but are never optional. Even if you do not sleep or dine at the IIT facility, there will be an Accommodation fee. This is separate from and in addition to the IIT Tuition. Meals begin with dinner on the first day of the training and include lunch on the last day of the training. Additional meals due to early arrival or late departure are not handled by CNVC. Similarly, CNVC does not handle arrangements for lodging before the IIT check-in time nor after the IIT check-out time. Arrangement for these accommodations, and payment for them, is the responsibility of the individual participant.Transportation to and from the training location is the responsibility of the individual participant.

What is the Daily Schedule & Structure?

(Subject to Change)
8:00- 8:30 am Breakfast
9:00- 9:30 am Remembering*
9:30- 9:45 am Logistics and NVC offerings
10:00-12:00 Session One
12:00-12:45 pm Lunch

1:30-3:00 pm Session Two
3:15-5:00 pm Session Three
5:15-5:55 pm Celebrations
6:00-6:45 pm Supper/Dinner
7:30-9:30 pm Session Four

*The Remembering Sessions help participants be aware of the purpose underlying NVC. Participants who wish to share may express this remembering with a short exercise, a ceremony, poem, musical selection, a reading, etc. If you would enjoy doing so, please bring materials to contribute to the Remembering Sessions.

What is the Format and Structure?

To provide participants with a choice of learning opportunities IIT’s typically operate in a manner that is similar to the principles of Open Space Technology. For more information about the principles see www.openspaceworld.org

What are the start and end times?

On (start) day 1: Dinner is served. The scheduled start of the program (first meeting) is at 7:00 pm (19:00hrs).
On (last) day 10:The last meeting ends before lunch. Lunch is still included.

What Payment options do I have?

We request payment in US dollars ONLY.
We accept all credit cards (prefer visa or master card), PayPal, money orders, cheques or traveller's cheques and bank wire transfers.

How to apply for an IIT?

You can apply for this IIT by clicking the "Register" Button at the end of this page and by filling required informations.

Applications received without payment will not be processed, unless you are applying for a scholarship and your application is accompanied by a Scholarship Request and is received at the CNVC office before the scholarship application deadline. (See iit scholarships on this page).

CNVC will reserve your place at an IIT based on the sequence in which applications are received and processed. Payment in full is due four weeks prior to the IIT start-date. Registrations that have not been fully paid by that due-date may be cancelled by CNVC. Application forms received after the due-date must be accompanied by full payment (not just the minimum 100 US$) in order to be processed.

Once an IIT is filled, CNVC creates a waiting list. If the IIT is full when your application and payment arrives at CNVC, (1) your name is automatically placed on the waiting list in the order received, and (2) your payment is not processed. CNVC will not cash your check or run your credit card unless/until you are promoted from the waiting list and registered into the IIT. There is no guarantee that a space will open up.

CNVC will notify you of the status of your application. Notification is usually sent 1-7 days after the application is received. Please wait until your registration has been confirmed before making travel reservations.

Can I record the sessions?

Please do not plan to film or record any part of any session at the IIT. Such recording often interferes with the group process or thwarts other participants' expectation of trust and privacy.

How to do advance planning for an IIT?

IITs often fill to maximum enrollment capacity weeks or months before the event. Most people who send an IIT application do receive a seat at the training: however, this is not guaranteed. Since transportation to and from the IIT is your responsibility and may be costly, please wait to book your transportation until AFTER you have received confirmation of your acceptance for the program.

What are the IIT cancellations and refunds policies?

In the event that an IIT does not take place, the IIT enrollee agrees that CNVC shall have no obligation to compensate the IIT enrollee above paid IIT tuition. (In such an event, CNVC may offer to reassign the payment to another IIT or CNVC Workshop, if this is the IIT enrollee’s preference.)

CNVC incurs significant expenses with every application processed, so we request that you refrain from applying for an IIT unless your plans are firm, and you are confident of your ability to attend.

In the event that you cancel your IIT application, or do not complete the registration process, CNVC will ask how you want us to handle any monies you have already sent us for the IIT. At your request, prepaid TUITION fees (minus the nonrefundable part of your payment as described below) may be donated to CNVC to defray administrative expenses, refunded, or reassigned to a specific, later IIT.

Most ACCOMMODATION charges can be reversed; prepaid accommodation fees can then be donated, refunded or reassigned as above. However, please note that some accommodation fees are irreversible. CNVC does not refund any fees incurred on your behalf that are not refundable to CNVC.

The nonrefundable portion of the Tuition payment is $100

Does CNVC offer financial support?

CNVC gives a limited number of Tuition Reduction to IITs. Below are the criteria de tuition reduction committee takes in to consideration.

Please remember: To be eligible for consideration, submit your online IIT Application, with the Tiuition Reduction Request section completed, three (3) full months before the start of the IIT Late applications will not be considered.

To minimize the chance of disappointing you, we would like you to know that CNVC’s tuition reduction funding is limited. We do not expect to give tuition reductions to all, or even most, of those who apply. Please note also that CNVC rarely offers reductions for room and board or transportation expenses to applicants other than those from developing countries. We use the following criteria in selecting recipients:

Potential of applicant to share NVC widely, especially among populations not already reached.Economic need, especially if resulting from circumstances beyond one's control.Previous NVC training (those with more training will generally be given preference over those with less training).Connection to the CNVC community, and previous contribution to the CNVC community.Except in extraordinary circumstances, reductions are not offered to people who have previously attended an IIT.

Scholarship reqests must be received by the CNVC office at least three months prior to the beginning of the training to be considered.

What is the Waiting list procedure?

Once an IIT is filled, CNVC creates a waiting list. If the IIT is full when your application and payment arrives at CNVC, (1) your name is automatically placed on the waiting list in the order received, and (2) your payment is not processed. CNVC will not cash your check or run your credit card unless/until you are promoted from the waiting list and registered into the IIT. There is no guarantee that a space will open up.

Can the whole family come to the IIT?

We want the IIT to be a deep learning and personal growth experience for participants and to create a space likely to meet needs for community, trust, and emotional safety. Because of the emotional depth and intensity at an IIT and the range of issues that arise that may not be suitable for children, our policy at this point is to have only registered adult participants at the IIT sessions (i.e. not children or non-registered partners/family members). If children and family member(s) are with you while you are at the IIT, it is our request that they reside offsite. If you would like to share NVC retreat experiences with your children, there are opportunities in our network, such as family camps, in which you can participate together as a family.

A couple from Europe that had their children with them while they were at an IIT and took turns attending IIT sessions and taking care of their children who were staying offsite at a nearby hotel shared the following about their experience:
“I came to appreciate why children being on the sessions could disturb the connecting processes, because the emotional work involved was indeed very delicate many times. Just minor disturbances may be a hindrance to ones ‘listening’ to ones own and others emotional processes, I believe. But it became less of a problem in that the whole event was structured as a kind of smorgasbord of offerings, making it easy for me and my husband to take turns. But I do regret my not being able to participate more totally and fully during the nine days.”

I attended an IIT before can I attend again?

Yes. People find great value in attending IITs several time during their NVC journey. We provide a 15% tuition reduction to people who have previously attended an IIT.