How to give feedback that works

Från Oktober 05, 2017 18:30 till Oktober 05, 2017 20:00
Kategorier: Training
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Evening talk on the topic of giving effektive feedback 

Questions we will deal with

  • What do you need to know to give feedback that is clear and motivating?
  • How come some people want feedback and some are resisting it?
  • If this is the case how do you adapt to this?
  • What has trust to do with how your feedback is recived?

This evening is hosted by MAG interactive and is part of Friare Liv 25 year aniversary activities. (Free of charge)

You just need to register to have a seat, there is room for 70 people, on first come first served basis. The "registration" button will disapear when the event is full, and will appear when places are available.

The talk is in english.

Talk given by Kay Rung

Kay Rung have been working with communication and conflict resoulution for the last 20 years. He will share some of his insigts in a fun and pragmatic way.